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Hey Church Family,

As we step into the warmth of summer, I want to encourage each of you to keep your spiritual fervor burning brightly. Summer brings with it numerous distractions, but let’s intentionally fill our days with activities that draw us closer to God. This is an ideal time for spiritual growth—Spend it in prayer, studying God’s Word, and seeking out opportunities to serve inside and outside of the church.

I’m especially excited about our upcoming Vacation Bible School (VBS). This event is a vibrant mission field, allowing us to share the gospel with children in our community and deepen the faith of our own kids. VBS also brings us together in volunteering together, strengthening our bonds, and growing our capacity to work as one body in Christ. Your involvement, whether through prayer, volunteering, or inviting children to attend, is important.

Please mark your calendars and consider how you might contribute—through prayer, participation, inviting others, or all of the above. Your involvement is crucial as we prepare to make a lasting impact on the hearts of these young children.

Thank you for your commitment and love. Let’s make the remainder of this summer a season of meaningful growth and joy in the Lord.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor James