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Hey Church Family, 

As April arrives, I’m excited to share some great news with you! Our church is growing – not just in numbers, but in how deep our faith is becoming. It’s awesome to see new friends joining us and everyone getting more involved. 

Seeing all this happening makes me happy because it shows us how much God is working in our lives and our church. It’s like when you plant seeds in a garden and start to see the first sprouts. It’s a sign that something wonderful is happening. 

But, there’s something important I want to remind everyone about. While it’s great to see our church grow and have lots of activities, there’s something even more important we can’t forget: keeping our focus on Jesus. 

Our church is a family, and for our family to be strong and healthy, we need to make sure we’re not just excited about the new stuff or the number of people. We need to remember to purposefully love and worship God every single day. That’s the real secret to our church being a joyful and healthy home. 

So, let’s enjoy all the amazing things happening, but let’s also make sure we keep our hearts and eyes locked onto Jesus. He’s the reason we’re all here, growing even more as one big joyful family. 

In Christ, 

Pastor James